Iguana Mia’s name, the locally infamous exterior color and the story of Juan & his Iguana were all conceived on a cocktail napkin in April of 1990 in the lounge of the Prawnbroker Restaurant. The Original Iguana Mia opened for business on September 26th 1990 in the current Cape Coral restaurant site. The Fort Myers location was opened in 1995, followed by the Bonita Springs location in 1999.

Thanks to all our Supporters

Locally owned independent restaurants are very important to your local economy. Unlike the chains and franchised style food businesses we do not export profits, advertising costs, franchise fees or management fees to other areas of the country. Local independent restaurants and their owners spend most of these dollars in our economy as we live in SW Florida. It may not seem like a big deal, but what if we could see the monies from McDonald’s, Outback’s, Carraba’s, Olive Garden’s and Burger King’s profits and or fees being spent locally; it could make a difference! As you consider this thought, please support SW Florida’s economy by choosing wisely where you spend your dining dollars.

I want to thank all of you who have made it possible for me, Julian Prieto, Todd Harrison and all of our Iguana Mia Management team & staff to stay employed and do what we love to do. Times have been tough since 2008 and we are just hanging on like many of SW Florida’s local businesses! I have lived in Lee County since 1986 and even though I have never seen things this tough; we still have much to be thankful for and I am most thankful for your continued support!

Thanks to all for your past or current patronage and I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous future. Salud!

Dirk Atherton
Owner & Founder
Iguana Mia Restaurants

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