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Every day there is a special deal at Iguana Mia. If there is a "y" in the day, we have a deal for you, Iguanamazing!!

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Enchilada: A red corn tortilla rolled around jack cheddar cheeses, or your choice of meat and cheeses, then topped with our mild chile sauce plus more cheese and baked to perfection. Can be made with flour tortilla too!

Taco: We prepare our tacos in the traditional "deep fried meat in the shell style" or you may choose crispy regular "American style" or even served in a soft flour tortilla.

Tamales: Fresh ground corn masa, wrapped around filling in a corn husk, and steamed to perfection. Beef are served with chile con carne and chicken are served with chile con queso. Homemade by Juan's mom.

Machaca: Tender lean beef, also known as shredded beef, made from lightly seasoned roast.

Tex Mex Beef: Highly seasoned ground beef cooked with onions and fragrant spices.

Chile or Chili: They are both words that have reference to and mean "peppers", however, they both can also have meanings that are attributed to meat based stews that usually include "peppers".

Juan's Non-Refried Beans: We serve a smashed pinto bean product that has the appearance and taste of refried beans, but we have skipped the refrying process. Good for the heart and taste buds!

Chips and Salsa: Juan serves crisp corn tortilla chips and three sauces with your meal. The salsas are as follows: Fresca (mild and chunky), Picante (smooth and medium spicy hot), and Iguana (for fire breathers and only on request). We make the chips and salsa daily in each of our stores. We believe that ours are much better than store bought products, which as you know are not cheap on price, and we have included the cost in your meal price.

Pappitas: Fried diced potatoes seasoned with chile powder and garlic and served on top of enchilada sauce.

Sauteed Chicken: Strips of chicken breast seasoned with black pepper, onion and mild chiles, then sauteed til very tender. You may know by other name "shredded chicken".

Aguacate - avocado
Ajo - garlic
Albóndigas - meatballs
Al horno - oven-baked
Ancho - a Poblano chile that has been dried and turned a black-red color; means wide
Anejo - aged or perfected with time
Antojito - an hors d'oeuvre or small snack food
Arroz - rice
Asar - to roast or broil
Barbacoa - barbecued meat
Borracho - cooked with wine, tequila or beer; means drunk
Buñuelo - puffy, sweet, deep-fried pastry
Burro - large flour tortilla wrapped around a filling
Calabaza - squash, pumpkin
Caldo - soup, broth
Caliente - hot to the touch (temperature)
Camarón - shrimp
Canela - cinnamon
Capirotada - spicy bread pudding served during Lent; means a little bit of everything
Carbon - grilled over charcoal
Carne - meat, specifically beef
Carne seca - dried beef jerky, shredded and spiced
Cazuela - a stew pot; at El Charro the name of a hearty beef soup of carne seca
Cebolla - onion
Cerveza - beer
Ceviche - salad made of fish ``cooked'' in lime juice
Chalupa - corn masa tart or boat, fried, then topped with meat, fish, beans or vegetables; means canoe
Chilaquiles - corn tortilla pieces covered with a chile or tomatillo based sauce and cheese, and baked in a casserole
Chile or Chili - they are both words that have reference to and mean "peppers"; however both can also have meanings attributed to meat based stews with peppers as an ingredient. Chili can also be a spice mixture that includes ground-dried peppers
Chili powder - commercially, the product made from ground red chiles, including a variety of other spices, sold in little cans and spelled with an ``i.'' El Charro does not use it.
Chimichanga - deep-fried burro; means thingamajig
Chorizo - spicy pork and beef sausage
Chuleta - chop or cutlet
Cilantro - coriander or Chinese parsley, which you either love or hate
Coco - coconut
Comal - heavy, round griddle for baking tortillas
Dos - number of margaritas that will definitely require a designated driver!!
Ejote - String bean
Elote - corn; sometimes helote
Empanada - turnover
Enchilada - a corn tortilla rolled around just about
anything, usually a meat, then topped with sauce and cheese and oven-baked
Enrollado - rolled
Ensalada - salad
Escabeche - pickled
Fideos - vermicelli; thin pasta
Fajitas - make your own tacos with grilled meats and soft tortillas
Flan - baked custard with caramel coating
Flauta - corn tortilla tightly rolled around a filling, then deep fried; means flute
Frijoles - beans, usually pinto
Gallina - hen
Garbanzo - chickpea
Gazpacho - cold, spicy tomato soup
Granada - pomegranate
Gringo - one of those North Americans, usually from Ohio or New York, who think they are the only ones, who have eaten real authentic Mexican food
Guacamole - mashed avocado salad or dip
Guajolote - in Mexico, turkey; pavo is turkey in other Spanish-speaking countries
Harina - wheat flour
Huevo - egg; also blanquillo
Jamón - ham
Jícama - a crisp, white, edible root
Juan's Beans - smashed pintos that are not re-refried in lard. Oven-baked to thicken and topped with jack cheese

Kahlúa - coffee-flavored liqueur made in Mexico
Lechuga - lettuce
Machaca - tender lean beef, also known as shredded beef, made from lightly seasoned roast
Maíz - corn
Mano - a piece of volcanic rock used with both hands to grind food against another rock; means hand
Manteca - lard
Mantequilla - butter
Margarita - tequila based cocktail invented in South Texas, made with orange liquors and lime-juice. Usually served in glass with salted rim.
Mariscos - shellfish; fish is pescado
Masa - dough, usually referring to ground hominy, called nixtamal
Menudo - tripe soup; New Year's Day tradition to ease hangovers
Metate - slab of volcanic rock on three legs used for grinding corn. In the old days, the one in El Charro's kitchen was used to shred carne seca.
Miel - honey
Molcajete - volcanic rock shaped like a bowl in which food is ground
Mole - unsweetened chocolate and chile sauce; means paste or sauce or milled
Molinillo - hot chocolate beater, usually made of caned wood
Nachos - crisp tostitos baked with a good melting cheese on top
Naranja - orange
Nixtamal - hominy; raw corn grains, soaked in lime, then ground to make a dough (masa) for tortillas, tamales, chalupas
Nopales - cactus pads cooked and used like okra
Oja - corn husk, used to wrap tamales; sometimes hoja
Olla - clay pot; a utensil in which beans are simmered
Pappitas - our version consists of fried diced and seasoned potatoes served on top of enchilada sauce
Pan - bread
Pepino - cucumber
Picadillo - meat hash
Picante - hot to the taste buds
Piloncillo - brown sugar formed into a cone for marketing
Pimienta - black pepper
Pipián - a sauce made of pumpkin seed, chile and spices
Poblano - a variety of chile
Pollo - chicken
Postre - dessert
Pozole - traditional soup made with a clear meat stock, peppers, tomatoes, hominy, pork or chicken
Quesadilla - grilled cheese sandwich made with a tortilla
Queso - cheese
Rábano - radish
Relleno - stuffed
Repollo - cabbage
Ristra - string of dried red chiles
Sal - salt; sin sal means without salt, useful to know when ordering a tequila cocktail called a margarita, which usually is served with its rim coated with salt.
Salsa - sauce
Sangría - a drink made of red wine, brandy, sugar, oranges, lemons and apples
Sangrita - a palate cleansing drink usually sipped after a shot of tequila. Made from fresh citrus juices, chiles and tomato juice
Shredded or Sauteed Chicken - Iguana Mia uses only 100% breast meat chicken, then we cook it up with black pepper, mild green chiles and a touch of onion.
Seco - dry
Sopa - soup
Suiza - "swiss" or with tomatillo and heavy cream sauce or white creamy cheeses.
Taco - a corn tortilla folded over a filling
Tamal (plural is tamales) - a corn husk stuffed with masa, meat or beans
Tatemar - verb meaning to roast, peel and seed green chiles
Tequila - distilled liquor made from agave, or century plant
Tex-Mex Beef - highly seasoned ground beef cooked with onions and originating in the American Southwest.
Topopo - a salad shaped like a volcano or pyramid
Tortilla - a thin, flat bread made from wheat flour or corn masa
Tostada - toasted; specifically toasted tortillas or flat fried corn tortilla topped with beans, cheeses and etc.
Tostitos - fried pieces of corn tortillas used for nachos, dipping into salsas or making chilaquiles
Verde - the color of Juan's Iguana!!
Vino - wine


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