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Every day there is a special deal at Iguana Mia. If there is a "y" in the day, we have a deal for you, Iguanamazing!!

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If it's your birthday.. you eat free and get your picture taken looking mucho stupido in our celebration hat. Please bring a picture taking device with you!   

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Legend of Juan

Juan, a creative cook from the region of Sonora, was bored with the variety of foods and cooking techniques found in Northwest Mexico.

He started a journey through all of Mexico in search of culinary enlightenment. He traveled for years, picking up ideas here and there, but always continuing on to the next town or village. Hopelessly lost in Southern Mexico, deep inside a dense tropical forest, Juan realized he needed help finding a way out of the jungle. Juan observed a huge Iguana making its way down a tree and onto what seemed to be a forest trail. He followed the Iguana, and as it turned out, the Iguana led Juan back to a village and civilization. Now this was great for Juan, but not for the Iguana. The villagers had been feeding the Iguana for some time, fattening him up for their dinner table. Juan, knowing that he probably owed the Iguana his life, bargained with the villagers for its freedom. From that day forward, the Iguana became Juan's best friend and his travel companion.

Today, we are serving their favorite recipes (our Chef is related to Juan), but we have adjusted some for the Norte Americano palate. As for our two wanderers, we hear from them on a regular basis, and get new recipes from time to time!

Iguana Mia 101

Beans:  One of the original foods available to the peoples of the area before the pre-Spanish conquest of Mexico. Along with corn, squash, and chiles it was one of the most important food crops cultivated in the region. Every day we serve smashed Pinto Beans and Black Beans as side option choices to our entrees.  Many people refer to these beans as refried, but in fact, our beans are not refried. “Refried” refers to the cooking technique of taking smashed boiled beans and re-cooking in a substantial amount of liquefied fat while reducing the water liquids to give the beans a paste like consistency with a rich flavor. Lard is the traditional fat of choice. At Iguana Mia, we skip this process to save on the fat calories which you would normally consume eating traditional refried beans. We boil our beans with a small amount of pork (sausage, bacon and or ham,) to achieve a richer flavor, and then we use our convection style oven to quickly reduce the water liquids from the beans just before serving as each portion is cooked to order on the plates which are served to the customer. Our beans look and taste refried, but without many of the calories!

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