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Every day there is a special deal at Iguana Mia. If there is a "y" in the day, we have a deal for you, Iguanamazing!!

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Juan's Birthdays are Free

If it's your birthday.. you eat free and get your picture taken looking mucho stupido in our celebration hat. Please bring a picture taking device with you!   

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Rules De La Casa

  1. Stuffing that authentic Mexican glass or even this beautiful menu in your purse, pocket, or down your pants is "El Prohibido." We will charge you double the price or call "La Policia!" We sell them and almost anything else, for less, if you ask first!
  2. We ONLY accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, , Discover, Cash, and by the way, we don't take no stink'n bank checks. **Some Prepaid Bank or Credit Cards can not be processed at our restaurant and will not honored, please make other payment arrangements. 
  3. We will prepare separate checks. Please inform your server before ordering and allow us extra time at checkout. All coupons, discounts or promotional deals should be addressed with your server before you order.
  4. Parties of seven or more are a pain in the burro to service and we have limited resources to build large tables, so Iguana Mia may ask that you separate your group into smaller parties so we can accomodate your party in a timely fashion. Remember - automatic gratuities on large parties or groups have been abolished so take care of your service team.
  5. Precaución, hot tamales and heavy trays don't mix with free range children.
  6. Discounts and/or promotions cannot be used in conjunction with each other, at the same table, regardless of the size of the party, or the number of checks. Our rules supersede all others in these issues.
  7. We are a South Florida Original, established in Cape Coral on September 26, 1990. Though unique in our approach, we remain true to the great heritage of Mexico's culinary traditions, and casual, attentive, and open-armed hospitality. We insist on serving great Mexican Food in a clean, fun, and service oriented environment. Satisfaction is our goal!
  8. Iguana Mia does not allow food or beverages to be brought in our restaurants from the outside! That includes Birthday cakes......remember we pay our bills by selling food, so holding, serving or taking responsibility for a product which we did not produce to sell goes against basic  logic. 

Sí, no matter what Race, Religion, Age or Sex you might be, we see and treat everybody the same. If your actions, attitude or special requests interferes with the overall dining experience of other guests or places undue stress on our staff - then you will be asked to Pay Up and Vaya con Dios!

God Bless America!

Iguana Mia 101

Pappitas:  This Iguana Mia side dish is for the potato lovers in all of us. Did you know that potatoes originally came from South and Central America?  Diced potatoes are flash fried to partially cook and then when ordered are placed on top of a ladle of our homemade ancho chile enchilada sauce and baked in our convection style oven to finish the cooking process. These are so good that many fans just order a double version instead of two different sides.

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