Iguana Food Specials


Current Specials - rollong out in late June 2016

A l l  s p e c i a l s  a r e  o f f e r e d  o n  a  l i m i t e d  b a s i s


Juan's Pan de Playa {Beach Bread}

Fire roasted chile poblano, fresh tomato, blue cheese, crip bacon are all ingredients under a chihuahua/jack cheese blend which comes served on top of baked garlic buttered bread with some fresh chopped parsley. Served with a ranch dipping sauce.  

Huevos Diablos {Devils Eggs}

Only named after El Diablo because it will be a sin not to sample these tasty treats.  Spicy South of the Border version of a classic summer picnic food favorite!

Street Tacos al Pastor

Its taken almost 2 years for Juan to roll his version of these traditional Mexican street tacos, because it had to bring a flood of food memories back with the first bite. Seasoned pork, grilled fresh pineapple, cilantro & a tart avocado sauce  

Entrée Items

A l l  e n t r é e s  w i l l  b e  s e r v e d  a  l a  c a r t e  u n l e s s  n o t e d  o t h e r w i s e

Chicken-Poblano Mac & Cheese

Marinated & grilled chicken breast combined with roasted chile poblano, cavatappi pasta, 4 cheeses and a crushed corn tortilla topping is baked up for a fanatastic fushion of home cooking with Southwest flavors rolled.

Southwest Salmon

Seasoned salmon fillet seared in a hot cast iron skillet & finished in our oven to be served medium with a Mango Pico de Gallo topping. Served with our yellow Sonoran style rice and our signature baked zucchini. Salmon fans rejoice!

Pollo con Crema Jalapeno Rojo (Pollo Rojo for short)

Customer favorite from the past specials menus. Grilled chicken breast baked with our red roasted jalapeno cream  cheese sauce and a blend of cheeses on top. Suggested sides are yellow Sonoran style rice and black beans

Pollo con Salsa Verde 

Grilled chicken breast baked with our version of a sauce with roots in both Europe & South America, which is a perfect for grilled meats . Think Chimichurri ! Suggested sides are yellow Sonoran rice and black beans

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