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Iguana Mia 101

Rice:  Sonoran Rice is our original rice dating back to our opening in 1990. This rice is available every day and is a pilaf style rice flavored with chicken broth and garlic and is served with some sliced green onion tops and diced tomato which accent the rice’s beautiful yellow color. This rice was destined to be served with our smashed black beans as they make a meal all by themselves when combined. However, this rice with our ancho chile enchilada sauce is a match made in heaven too. Try it with sour cream chicken enchiladas, enchiladas suizas, or shrimp tacos as it goes well with any entrée choice.
Mexican Red Rice is our second rice offering available every day, but is limited on supply. This rice has a wonderful red tint which it derives from the tomato base and the ground red chiles used in the cooking process. It too is served with some sliced green onion tops and diced tomato. This rice goes very well with our smashed pinto beans and any dish with a tomato or red chile base. Try this rice with shredded chicken enchiladas, Tex-Mex tacos or a beef tamale with chile con carne on top.

Iguanamia Taco Tuesdays at Iguana Mia......Eat at Juan's or we will both starve!
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